​​​​​​​About the program

This program aims to help you understand the aspects that make up a successful mentoring program, the personal attributes and skills needed to be a masterful mentor and how to report and reflect on mentoring outcomes.

What will I learn?

Discover how to run a successful mentoring program and how to be a masterful mentor through participating in the following four topics:

  1. Your approach to mentoring
  2. Harnessing your mentoring skills
  3. Using your mentoring tool kit
  4. Reflecting on mentoring outcomes

What do I need to do?

This self-paced online learning program will take participants approximately 1 hour. This program may be completed on a device (mobile phone or tablet), however, some activities will require input into a Microsoft Word Document.  On completion of this program, download your Certificate of Participation and keep this with your professional development records. Enjoy becoming a masterful mentor!